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  If you need more information on getting involved in any of our Ministry Departments, please contact the Church Office on 011.815.6671.


Assist as youth worker. A group of vibrant young people between the ages of 13 and 19 coming together weekly to grow in the knowledge of Jesus.


A hospitable team of people motivated to welcome worshipers to the service of the church and ensure their comfort through serving.


Militant personnel ensures the church, families and their property are free from danger or injury.


Where you can serve God with your computer, filming and video editing talents, all with the cause to enhance and grow His kingdom.


Where people can get involved with serving tea, assist at the info desk, meet and greet fellow members at the door or in the Car Park on Sunday mornings and evenings.

Undert the Son Children's Ministry

A place where children between 18 months – 14 years are loved and taught the undiluted Word of God through fun and interactive ways.

Kids Club

Where more intimate groups from 6 – 14 years of age are reached through interactive discussions and games.

Kidz Band

F or children aged 6-12 yearsWhere children are trained to worship through song and instruments to God.

Women's Ministry

Bible Study
  • Join Woman's bible study-Wed 10am-12pm, where woman gather to study and share with each other their growth in the word.
Mentoring Groups
  • Join or Train to be a Mentor, where small, ladies groups meet monthly to be empowered and equipped through the Word of God, fellowship and friendship.
Women of the Word Events
  • Events where women are ministered to, not just to make a difference in the church but also outside the church by being the heart of the church.
W.O.W. Ladies Products
  • Using innovation to provide quality products for sale to women for the purpose of fin creation Decor: A place to live out your creativity and make all that enter our church feel like royalty.
  • A team that will cook for guests and functions, and whose cooking will make you feel right at home.

Pre-Service Prayer

Prayer for God’s favour and anointing on the service and speaker and His manifest presence to be evident to all.

Intercessory Prayer

Standing in the gap and being armor bearers for the body of Christ.

Altar Workers

People who love souls and lead them by means of ‘The New Birth” scriptures into God’s Kingdom.

Life Group Leaders

Those passionate about their love for Christ, his salvation of sinners and fellowship with fellow believers, who believe in the vision and mission enough to action it.


Witnesses of the cross of Christ into our neighbourhoods, neighboring towns, hospitals, prisons, old age homes, educational framework, children’s homes and being ambassadors of Word Christian Church.


Drawing people to Christ by creativity within through Skits, plays and presentations.

Car Park Greeters

Making everyone not only feel welcome but making them feel they belong.


Concentrating on the beautification of the property’s gardens.

Mercy Ministries

Assist in picking up food from Pick ‘n Pay on a daily basis for the children’s home.

Christmas Gifts for needy children

Help pack, co ordinate and distribute Christmas gifts for and to the Children's home/s we support.

Grocery Cupboard

Stocktaking, packing and distribution of grocery parcels for the needy.

Feeding Scheme

Making of sandwiches for needy children at several schools in the area and assist in the collection of groceries for the needy.

Music Department

The focus of this ministry is God Himself – to build a music department that has one and only one desire – to be true worshipers and to worship God in Spirit and in Truth and bring glory to Him and not ourselves. It is to lead people into the very throne room of God. WCC Music Department is where worshipers meet, come and experience the Giver of your gift.

WCC Band
  • A group of musicians that plays anointed music for Sunday services, conferences and community activities.
  • A team of instrumentalists who ministers musically every Sunday serving people with their God given talent.
Vocal Worship Ensemble
  • A vocal group that participates in the Sunday services as well as community programs.
  • The WCC singers consist of frontline singers and choir members and are selected from this group to lead people through their vocal ability in the presence of God.
  • A sound engineer that has the ability to project audio sound with both his technical skill and ear for music and voice with excellence.
  • This area has a qualified sound engineer that can train and equip anybody with the love for sound.

Book Shop

Assist in selling quality Christian books, CDs, DVDs  and stationery are sold weekly.

Coffee Shop

You can Serve or Bake in a place where great fellowship and friendship can be enjoyed over a cup of tea/coffee and a slice of home made cake.


A group of skilled people who ensure the upkeep of the building and property.

Covenant Kids Nursery School

Instilling lasting Christian foundations by nurturing effective relevant education in a loving fun filled environment.

Growth 101 to 401

Attend Exclusive courses to equip the body of Christ on how to function within the body with their Spiritual gifts and talents in reaching the community, also teaching them biblical principals and the need thereof.

Hospital Visitation Teams

An evangelical group that brings encouragement and upliftment to the sick by visiting them in hospital and old age homes.
Word Christian Church - Embracing the Future
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